Latest Trends in Shopify Web Design

Hosted Ecommerce web solutions are a must if you plan to open an online-based small business. Since a dedicated server costs more, it’s practical to opt for a hosted solution. Moreover, using a hosted solution like Shopify means you don’t need extensive design or programming knowledge. You can choose a Shopify web design theme and have access to other tools to make managing the store more efficient. Since it’s an “all-in” solution, your primary responsibility as the business owner is to run the shop and maximize the tools available. Of course, customizing your store and employing the right marketing strategies are essential so that your shop stands out from the competition.

Should you rely on the available Shopify Web Design themes available?

An e-commerce web solution is supposed to be simple to use and easy to manage – even if you have absolutely no programming or design experience. Similar to other platforms, Shopify provides users with a range of themes that will suit their brand and business model. Of course, these themes have a generic appeal and follow design principles that work best for online stores. Shopify templates are either free or paid. The free templates also come in different variants. These themes are quite attractive, and most importantly, responsive.

If you aren’t satisfied with the free option, Shopify Web Design can look a lot more sophisticated by choosing a paid theme. Since there are more choices, you’ll likely find them that suit your industry, target market, and brand style.

Overall, Shopify themes are high-quality. Nevertheless, you still have the option to optimize the design and make sure it aligns with your marketing strategies. In line with this, let’s discuss upcoming trends to watch out for if you’re a Shopify merchant.

Overlapping graphics and photography

Ecommerce is a cutthroat industry, and for small businesses that want to stand out against the competition, web design is an essential factor. While most online stores display photographs of products, others are taking it a step further by adding another layer of graphics over the photo.

If you pay attention to the latest Shopify Web Design, you’ll notice that overlapping photos and graphics is an excellent strategy to make a page more unique. Since you’re using a template for the page, there’s a possibility that another business is also using the same theme. Ecommerce sites tend to look alike, especially when they’re selling similar products. But, if you don’t want your page to look like the competition, the simplest trick would be to start using graphics as a design element for the photos.

The unconventional concept for product photos

Consumers base their decision on product photos displayed on your website. A few years ago, minimalism was a hot trend. These days, however, it’s starting to get boring, and e-commerce photos are starting to look the same. One upcoming trend in product photography is the use of unconventional concepts. Some examples include juxtaposing contrasting elements and using unique props to draw the attention of the viewer. Abstract styles are also becoming trendy again. Of course, this trend may not work for all types of products. But for businesses that will benefit from the addition of artistic or aesthetic elements, trying out a new concept for product photos is a trend worth trying.

Experiment with AR and VR

Using augmented and virtual reality provides a three-dimensional aspect of viewing a product. Ordinary photos usually don’t give a complete perspective, despite having them taken from various angles. AR and VR are quite revolutionary these days – which is all the more reason to use them in Shopify Web Design. In fact, there is already a feature available on the platform that allows the user to experiment with 3D images.

Add micro animation

If you want to add more personality to your brand, the animation is another trend to consider when revamping your web design. Micro animations make the website more interactive, and there are plenty of smart ways to introduce them in the design. Animation can also add a playful and fun character to the online store, which is a refreshing way to hold a casual visitor’s attention. Of course, a restrained approach to animation is necessary because too much may make the site appear too busy or confusing.

Experiment by using bold colors

Minimalist and muted styles are still quite popular these days. However, many designers are now using vivid and bright colors that look more retro and bold. If you’re selling apparel like shoes and clothes, using bright colors will help the product stand out more. Of course, you still need to take into account if a bright color palette matches your brand aesthetic.

When using bright colors to showcase products, make sure that the background doesn’t overwhelm the eyes. Warmer colors are usually less jarring, even in bright tones. Most importantly, take full advantage of white space when reinventing the theme of your web design.

Final thoughts

When using an e-commerce web solution like Shopify, you already have access to all the tools and features necessary to create a professional online store. Yes, you may rely on the templates and themes as is, but customizing the design is still recommended to add personality to your store. Since you’re one of the millions of users using the same platform, sticking to the available theme will not make your shop stand out.

The Shopify Web Design trends enumerated above are only a few of the suggested tweaks you can consider to customize your Shopify site. Some of these are easy enough to do on your own, while others may require a designer’s help. Web design is a critical aspect of digital marketing, and it’s the first thing that a visitor will notice about your business. Therefore, if you spend money on marketing and advertising, you also need to pay attention to your Shopify store’s appearance. Designing your online store is a branding strategy too, which is all the more reason not to get stuck by merely using templates. Experimenting with the design will help you keep up with what’s trendy and help find a style that best suits your business aesthetics.

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