Link building tips for your SEO efforts in 2021

The first page of Google results shows pages and sites with 3.8 times more backlinks than those found on pages 2 to 10.

Are any of these already found among the methods you use for link building?

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Did you know that the first page of Google results shows pages and sites with 3.8 times more backlinks than those found on pages 2 to 10? This data shared by USERP denotes the importance of efforts such as link building, therefore, keeping up to date with these actions is important within SEO tasks. Considering this, this time we will see some tips that will help you if you are working on generating links for your brand or company site.

According to various experts, these are some of the most effective link building strategies for this year:

Guest posts

According to Jeff Bullas’s blog, one of the most effective strategies for this year is to bet on “guest blogging”. According to the source, this method is one of the most effective ways to get backlinks according to a referral survey (with 75 percent of mentions).

Those in charge of managing this task should consider that one of the great challenges in link building is assuring people that they will link to the website materials that are really of value. Getting those links back can be a difficult task, but if done correctly it can make a difference.

The key is in how the contact is approached. On the other hand, instead of looking for any space, it is advisable to consider sites of high authority.


The Insights Success firm highlights on the other hand that testimonials can be another of the great assets of brands and companies to develop link building this year for many reasons.

Among the different testimonial options, the most familiar are the recommendations, as people are more inclined to believe what third parties think. According to the source, it is possible to offer to write testimonials for products and services with which you are satisfied. In return, you can ask for permission to include a backlink in the testimonial.

For these recommendations to be effective it is important that the information is relevant and not highly promotional.

Identify unlinked brand mentions

Finally, from SEMRush it is highlighted that unlinked brand mentions can be a great way to generate link building.

To better understand this point, it is explained that many businesses are mentioned from time to time for one or more reasons, for example, as a result of public relations efforts or some relevant action that they have developed or in which they have been involved. . However, it is not uncommon for this type of coverage to have no links and only have brand mentions.

The good news is that these mentions can be converted into links with minimal effort, it is only necessary to identify the non-linked mentions and then contact those responsible for the sites or media behind those references to request the link.

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